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Behold The Penny Pincher!

Check out how, on different occasions, I “risked my own life” to save all the pennies I could whilst on the road…

Video journal of a recent trip to Kheer Ganga with Sahil Verma and Piyush Gupta of The Urban Hippie.
Kheer Ganga trek is one the most famous and easily accessible treks in the Parvati Valley region in Himachal Pradesh, India. Aside from being a pilgrimage of Hindu pilgrims in the olden times, it boasts some of the most incredible hot springs and amazing views.
A memorable walk which starts from this small village called Kalga takes you through amazing waterfalls, breathtaking terrains and mouthwatering views of Himalayas.
A must-do for every trekker and lover of nature. A true gem meant for everyone to explore.

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