Lod Caves, Thailand | Feeling Tomb Raider

Lod caves, pai, thailand, black and white, bamboo boat, excursion
Lod Caves, Pai, Thailand

I had the opportunity to visit Pai for the second consecutive year. As usual, Pai didn’t disappoint me. In fact, this visit was a lot more “productive” than the last one. I did a part of Mae Hong Son loop and visited some interesting places on the way. One of them was the visit to Lod Caves, which are around 50 km from Pai.

The best way to reach the Lod Caves is to rent a scooter or a bike. At the entrance, there is a ticket window where one needs to pay the entry fee and a fee for the guide who will show you around. You can not do the tour on your own. Yeah, whatever.


The caves are pretty impressive and full of bats! In this tour package, you get a bamboo raft ride, a lantern, and a tour guide. The caves are pretty dark, and the lantern is just too bright sometimes. But, it’s still good. I don’t have much to say about these caves except that they are caves with some limestone sculptures inside, and the place itself smells a bit funny because of all the batshit lying around. But, sure, the bamboo raft is cool and at some point, you feel like you are in a Tomb Raider movie, exploring the unexplored with 20 other people and a lantern. Sure… why not!

I compiled a small video from my trip to these caves. This video might help you visualise the beauty of the place. Check it out!!

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Lod Caves, Thailand | Feeling Tomb Raider by Rookie Travel Diaries
Lod Caves, Thailand | Feeling Tomb Raider by Rookie Travel Diaries

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