Rookie Me

 I am Rahul from India. People call me “Raul”, “Rahoooool”, “Raooool”, which is actually sweet but, honestly, my name is not that hard to pronounce. So, Come on!!!
I come from one of the most interesting countries in the world where we have a hundred different languages and each of them has least a thousand different dialects. I speak only one of them, though. And no, it’s not called “Indian” or “Indu”. It’s Hindi. Again, not that difficult, is it?
Born and brought up in a typical Indian family where my dad wanted me to be an Engineer and my mom’s dream was to see her only son become a doctor. So, I went ahead and became a filmmaker.
Weirdness inspires me, awkwardness is my ultimate weapon and sarcasm is my kryptonite. Not a very camera-friendly person but I like to capture moments, learn about stuff, make jokes about highly sensitive issues, stay away from hugs and convince myself that everything’s gonna be alright.
Traveling is very new to me and I am still learning. I learn a new thing everyday. So, that makes me a rookie traveller, which is a fine thing to be; you learn more. English and friendliness has never been my strongest suit and I try to hide that with my weird facial expressions and (really) lame sense of humor which, surprisingly, actually works!!
That’s all about me, mates! I really hope you enjoy my blogs and share your views with me. This would keep inspiring me to travel more and more and make you earthlings jealous. *evil laughter*

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